11 ways to find corporate finance for investments


Do you want to invest in your company and are you looking for the best way to finance this? This article lists 11 ways of corporate finance for you. From a loan at the bank to crowdfunding and factoring. After this you will know what is on sale, who you can turn to and which financing choices other entrepreneurs make.

With you will find out in 2 minutes which financing form suits your financing needs and which parties you can borrow.


1.Sources Of Corporate Finance Within Your Company

Before you start the search for external financing: have you already thought of possibilities within your own company? Take a look at where you can save costs , for example by renting, rather than purchasing, assets, refinancing expensive loans or renting out empty business premises. You can optimize your inventory and working capital so that you do not have to advance or borrow. Also tax benefits can make money. If you have a BV, you can decide to use the profit or issue new shares .

2. Current Credit

If you already make optimal use of your sources within your company, then you can look at external financing. For the flexible financing of relatively small expenses, you can take out a loan with many banks. It is known that the current account credit with which you can stand red is up to an agreed limit. A credit can be used flexibly and is not tied to one goal. For example, you can use it to finance or stocks.

3. Business Loan

Do you have a specific financing goal, such as the redesign of your business premises, expansion or an investment in machines? Then you can take out a business loan from the bank. With a business loan, the financing target, the amount, the term and the repayment amount are set. The interest can be variable or fixed. With a subordinated loan , the financier will receive his money later in bankruptcy than other creditors. Having a subordinated loan can give other financiers extra confidence to also borrow money.

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