2019: What CUPP presidential aspirants resolved to ensure Buhari’s defeat – Lamido

Sule Lamido

Erstwhile governor of Jigawa state and 2019 presidential hopeful,  Dr Sule Lamido has disclosed that all the presidential aspirants on the platform of Coalition for United Political Parties, CUPP, are ready to sacrifice their ambitions for a single candidate for the sake of future generations of Nigerians.

This week Monday, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, signed a memorandum of understanding with about 38 other political parties for an alliance that would wrestle power from the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the 2019 presidential election.

Speaking on Thursday when he came to meet with party members and chieftains at the PDP secretariat over his presidential ambition, Lamido said that the APC is scared and desperate ahead of the elections.

He revealed that all aspirants under the CUPP are ready to step down and support a sole candidate in order to defeat APC and President Muhammadu Buhari.

Stressing that he fears nobody after being to prison five times, the former governor maintained that the ruling APC government is worse than the PDP it is trying to castigate and it would be pushed out by Nigerians next year.

“Those aspirants in the PDP and the coalition are ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of our future generations. I feel sad for them, I feel sad for Nigerians because people just took over power without being prepared for it.

“People are dying everywhere, there is kidnapping everywhere, from here to Abuja, look at Birnin Gwari, Zamfara there is blood everywhere in their desperation for power.

“They feel embarrassed, and are confused but the entire world is watching us. Everything has failed, you don’t feel secure, you don’t feel safe anywhere. This country is for all of us we are not second citizens.

“APC is scared and desperate, they have stolen our money. PDP has made history, the party has produced three presidents, many governors, senators, reps. All former governors are from PDP. It is now up to Nigerians to compare between the PDP and APC government. Are the APC government of angels? Are they pious? Are they not corrupt?”

Lamido stated that PDP is tired of the lamentations and angst in the country, hence its desire to wrest power back from APC. “There is anger, there is confusion so PDP decided to say no to the APC government. PDP is the only political party with political sagacity.”

“Nigeria is my country, I should not be afraid, I fear nobody. If you fear then you are doomed, if I die then I have died for the youth. I have been to the prison four or five times so why should I fear?” he asked.

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