Brexit: Theresa May strikes deal with EU after all-night talks


Following an all-night diplomatic discussion, the British Prime Minister, Mrs. Theresa May has secured a deal with the European Union, EU, Commission to push Brexit negotiations to their next phase.

The EU President, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker said Friday that he believed that a breakthrough had been achieved in terms of the Brexit deal with the United Kingdom, UK.

“I believe we made the breakthrough we needed,” he said, adding that May told him that the new text had the backing of the UK government.

In a news conference in Brussels after sharing breakfast with Theresa May, the European Commission President stated that “sufficient progress” had now been achieved on initial divorce matters.

Hailing the agreement as the product of “compromise” from all sides, the EU boss paved the way for Brexit talks to now advance onto details of a transition period and the final post-Brexit EU-UK relationship.

Juncker expressed confidence leaders of the 27 other EU member states would accept the agreement and therefore move to the second phase of negotiations at a Brussels summit next week.

Standing alongside Juncker at the news conference, the Prime Minister described the deal as “a hard-won agreement in all our interests”.

She told reporters that the agreement would guarantee the rights of three million EU citizens living in the UK.

These would be “enshrined in UK law and enforced by British courts”, May said.

The Prime Minister assured that the so-called Brexit bill, which could be as much as £50bn, would be “fair to the British taxpayer” adding that the agreement offered a guarantee there would be “no hard border” between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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