Buhari finally begins tour of ‘troubled’ states

President Buhari

Months after an attack by armed herdsmen killed over 70 people on New Year’s Day in Benue State, the Presidency on Monday disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari is set to visit the state, and four others that have been victims of violent activities.

The President, according to the statement issued by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, will also visit other states affected by terrorism, armed brigandage, and communal violence including Yobe, Taraba, Zamfara and Rivers.

Buhari has been criticised by many Nigerians for not visiting these states to sympathise with the people, despite his government’s failure to protect scores of people who were killed in the violence.

On Saturday, images of the President at a wedding ceremony between the families in Kano sparked negative reactions on social media. Reacting to the wedding and the attendance it attracted, fiery preacher, Pastor Tunde Bakare said, “Forgive my ill-mannerism, but I could not comprehend why a governor will celebrate the wedding of his daughter, and another governor of his son, on the front pages of newspapers, flashing it before our eyes, when other peoples’ daughters are in captivity.

“If any of them had lost a daughter in that captivity, would they celebrate that way? I know the Bible says rejoice with them that rejoice, but I do not know what the president of Nigeria was doing there.

“And somebody came to say, let me explain to you, it is Islamic tradition, before this time, about January, they had agreed, that he (Buhari) will be the one to give the bride away and (Bola) Tinubu will be the one to pay the dowry, and present the son, and they agreed long before now.”

In the main, the presidency’s statement explained that Buhari decided on the visit after reviewing security reports on the incidents in the listed states. The statement reads in full…

In view of recent terrorist attacks, criminal activities and communal clashes in some States leading to tragic loss of lives and kidnapping of 110 schoolgirls, President Muhammadu Buhari immediately tasked the Armed Forces and other Security agencies to compile comprehensive reports on the various incidents.

Having received and studied the Reports, the President has decided to undertake an on the spot assessment of the various occurrences and to meet and console the communities affected.

From today, March 5, he will visit Taraba, and subsequently Benue, Yobe, Zamfara and Rivers States.

President Buhari has been receiving daily briefings, and has been in constant touch with the Governors, and has been updated with situation reports.

The President calls on all Nigerians especially those in the affected areas to cooperate fully with the Security Agencies to enable them curb the spate of crimes, bring those responsible to justice and prevent further occurrences.

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