Buhari has reduced himself to President of Katsina, not of Nigeria — Pa Adebanjo


Leader of the pan-Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari has by his actions shown that he is the President of Katsina state, not of Nigeria, adding that he totally agrees with the content of Obasanjo’s letter to the President.

Lamenting that “the President has not said a word of condolence to the people of Benue since the herdsmen’s attacks started”,  he told Vanguard in an interview that the continuation of the killings is the worst dereliction of duty on Buhari’s part.

According to the nonegerian, all the key security agencies in Nigeria are manned by northerners and mostly from Katsina state because “Buhari has an agenda to use his Fulani people to overrun the country”. He maintained that everything that Buhari does indicate that “he is the President of Katsina State and not of Nigeria!”.

Adebanjo said, “I am not a friend of Obasanjo but, for the first time, I agree with him totally. There is no accusation he made that is not justifiable except sycophants want to play to the gallery. I even congratulate him for confessing that why Buhari was voted for was to unseat anything Jonathan and that he is sorry for that. The only thing missing which I believe he should have included in that letter was to apologize to Nigerians for misleading them.

“Check your records, I said all the things Obasanjo said in his letter before the 2015 election. In other words, what Obasanjo observed now is what I saw before the election. What does the letter portend for this administration? In a civilized and progressive country, he should have been force to resign. And to add salt to the injury, some people are asking him to run in 2019.

“First, everybody knows that he has no sound health, the situation they have put Nigeria requires competent hands and attention 24 hours and seven days of week. Even his doctors told him to go home, eat, rest and sleep. And you still want to go back in 2019.

“To show you how callous Buhari and this government are, the day following the massacre in Benue, some APC governors went to the state to declare their full support for his election in 2019.

“The government was elected on the mantra of anti-corruption. Is it not sad that some of those he appointed into his cabinet which took six month to constitute have corruption allegations hanging on their necks and he turned a blind eye?

“And was it not until when people began to shout about SGF Babachir Lawal who was indicted for corruption that he was sacked and the EFCC recently went after him? This is an administration that says it has zero tolerance for corruption. The Minister of Interior collaborated with the Attorney-General of the Federation to meet with a suspected looter of pension funds in a foreign country and these officers have remained untouched.

“But Babachir Lawal is now in EFCC custody. Buhari turned a blind eye to it. He was forced to suspend him and not until after Obasanjo’s letter that the EFCC invited him. Is this the type of government we need now? The entire economic indices foreign analysts gave showed that the economy is going down and they are deceiving us.

“I suspect there plan is to wipe out non-Muslims out of Nigeria. All the areas they attacked recently, are they not Christian communities? You don’t use AK-47 rifle to rear cattle. And the law prohibits you carrying firearms except you are licensed. If herdsmen are not so licensed, have you arrested them? The last massacre that occurred, he said he will send security officials to the scene. So security people have to be directed to do their job only when ordered by the President.”

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