G-Worldwide warns public against dealing with Kiss Daniel


G-Worldwide Entertainment has sued Kiss Daniel for “taking steps to appoint a new manager, solicit for bookings, and has continued to negotiate and enter performance agreements in respect of the songs from the album… produced under the contract, including using the stage name ‘Kiss Daniel’ without the company’s prior consent and permission”.

The pop star, born Anidugbe Daniel, had recently been promoting a new record label, Flyboy Inc, on whose stable he released his latest single, No Do. But the Yeba crooner’s former record label has now come out to warn the general public against contracting any business with Kiss Daniel.


In a statement issued by its lawyers, Calmhill Partners, G-Worldwide drew attention to an order by the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos which it said, on November 30 requested all parties to maintain the status quo under the contract. The case was at the time adjourned till January 9, 2018.


The statement read, “The import of the order being that the state under which the parties existed under the contract should be preserved until the court makes a determination of the motion on notice filed by the company. All and any dealings in respect of the upload, distribution, and or performance of any of the songs, as well as the use or exploitation of the name ‘Kiss Daniel’ can therefore only be entered or made with the prior written consent and permission of the company as provided under the contract.”


A copy of the court order signed by Hon. Justice Babs Kuewumi was also made available to our correspondent, and it partly reads, “It is hereby ordered as follows that in the interim both parties are ordered to maintain the status quo ante Bellum under the recording contract pending the hearing of the motion on notice.”


Calmhill Partners’ statement signed by Aso Kalu Etea, warned that anyone who conducts any business with Kiss Daniel pending the determination of the suit risked being held in contempt of court.


It said, “The general public and the whole world is further cautioned that as the matter is now before a court of law (subjudice), and following the order to maintain status quo, any unauthorized upload, distribution, exploitation, performance, sales, and use of the songs (from the New Era and Evolution albums), or stage name ‘Kiss Daniel’, in any show, event, downloading or streaming platform, will be in violation of the order of the Federal High Court. Anyone who does or continues to do so shall be liable as an accomplice for contempt of court, and the full weight of the law will be brought against that person as a contemnor. Any person or organization who negotiates, or enters into any agreement with Mr. Anidugbe to engage him on the basis of his presumed rights over the songs in both albums, or the use of the stage name ‘Kiss Daniel’, does so at his or her own risk and peril.”

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