Governor reveals how military caused Boko Haram’s attack on Dapchi, kidnap of schoolgirls


Governor Ibrahim Gaidam of Yobe state has blamed the Nigeria military for the attack on Dapchi town and the abduction of some students of Government Girls’ Science Technical College, GGSTC, in the community by Boko Haram terrorists.

He said the attack came barely a week after the military withdrew troops from the town, stressing that if the soldiers had been on ground, the attack on the town and subsequent abduction of the schoolgirls would not have been possible.

The governor stated this on Sunday when he received his Borno state counterpart, Kashim Shettima, who was in Damaturu, the Yobe capital, on a sympathy visit.

“I blame the whole attack on Dapchi on the military and the defence headquarters who withdrew troops from Dapchi. The attack occurred barely a week after the military withdrew the soldiers from there.

“Before then, Dapchi has been peaceful, there was never such incident. But just a week after they withdrew the troops, Boko Haram came to attack the town,” he said.

Gaidam said the Dapchi incident was not the first time the absence of soldiers in the Boko Haram troubled state would be expose residents to such kind of attacks.

He also recalled that in 2013, a secondary school in Buni-Yadi was attacked a week after the military removed soldiers guarding the town. At least 29 students were killed in that attack.

“Let me be quoted anywhere, the military must take blame for the attack on Dapchi. The same thing happened in 2013 when the military suddenly removed troops guarding the town and a week later Boko Haram went there to attack the town and the secondary school there killing 29 students.”

In his remarks, Shettima said the ‘unfortunate incident in Dapchi’ reminds him of conspiracy theories regarding the Chibok abduction, cautioning that politicians should learn a lesson on the need to separate politics from issues of security.

“Your Excellency (Gov. Gaidam), I have been in your shoes since 2014 when schoolgirls were abducted in Chibok. I know exactly how you feel. When our daughters were abducted in Chibok, only God understood how I felt and I can imagine how you also feel, and the trauma you are going through. The parents of these girls would always look up to you with hope in the midst of agony. I know you are pained but I also believe that insha Allah, these girls will be rescued very soon.

“It is unfortunate that we have faced yet another abduction but that only reminds us about the difficulties of fighting insurgency. Oftentimes, they strike where you least expect. Before Boko Haram attacked Chibok, that Chibok had the least threat of Boko Haram in the northeast. No one expected them to even think about Chibok because it a mostly Christian community where Boko Haram was hardly an issue there.

“If the parents thought Chibok wasn’t safe, I don’t think they would allow their children to be there. Of course, as Government we wouldn’t dare do so. In the same vein, I don’t think anyone ever expected an attack in Dapchi. This incident however, reminds all of us not only in Borno and Yobe but perhaps across the northern Nigeria to be on guard. I think the difference between the Chibok incident and this one, is that the Federal Government didn’t react in denial, doubt or formed a conspiracy theory.

“The Federal Government assumed responsibility which we hope will lead to rescue of the schoolgirls. When schoolgirls were abducted in Chibok, some people said there was no abduction because Borno was in the opposition. Those who admitted there was abduction, came up with a conspiracy theory that the APC leaders perpetuated it in order to win the 2015 elections.

“Now, this abduction took place in an APC controlled State under an APC led federal government. What this reminds us, in very painful way, I should add, is that as political actors, we should learn to separate politics from issues of security. Human lives are very precious in the sight of Allah,” he said.

The Borno governor said he was in Yobe not only as Governor of Borno but also to represent the Northern Governors Forum.

“I am here as Governor of a sister State, because Borno and Yobe are like siamese twins; what affects Yobe invariably affects Borno. I am also here as representative of the Northern Governors Forum. I am used to traveling all the way to the south to represent our forum over sensitive issues, particularly on security. I felt it would be an irony if I go to far places and I don’t come to neighboring Yobe State at a time like this.

“Your Excellency (Gaidam), our colleagues have mandated me to tell you that we stand by you at this difficult time. We share the grief of parents whose daughters are affected by this unfortunate incident. They are not their daughters alone, they are our daughters as well. I know that Your Excellency has been supportive of the military over the years with other security establishments in the State. I know you are working closely with them to have this resolved. This period requires us to be stronger, more united and more focused.

“We should remain in prayers with a strong hope that these girls are rescued as quickly as possible. We should remain in prayers that insha Allah, insha Allah enduring Peace will return to Yobe, Borno, Adamawa, the entire north and Nigeria. I am an eternal optimist. I see optimism in Your Excellency every day. I believe that these trying phases shall pass, insha’Allah. Bi iznillah, Yobe and Borno will gain lasting Peace, tranquility and prosperity and this, we pray and hope, will happen soon,” Shettima said.

Meanwhile, below is the list of the abducted girls:

  1. Fatima Bashir
  2. Aisha Kachalla
  3. Zainab Abubakar
  4. Falmata Wakil
  5. Fatima Isa
  6. Fatima Musa
  7. Aisha Usman
  8. Aisha Adamu
  9. Fatima Isa
  10. Hauwa A. Mohammed Idriss
  11. Maryam Mohammed
  12. Fatima Mohammed II
  13. Hauwa Salisu
  14. Hassana Gambo
  15. Aisha Adamu
  16. Adama Garba
  17. Zara Grema
  18. Maryam Daamkontoma
  19. Zainab Bama
  20. Fatsuma Abdullahi
  21. Fatima Yahaya Tarbutu
  22. Amina Yahaya Tarbutu
  23. Amina Adamu
  24. Hajara Ali
  25. Fatima Abdullahi
  26. Fatsuma Ali
  27. Zara’U Mohammed
  28. Salamatu Garba
  29. Falmata Alh. Inuwa
  30. Falmata Alh. Ali
  31. Aisha B. Danjuma
  32. Maryam Bashir
  33. Maryam Aliyu Mabu
  34. Fatima Modu Bamba
  35. Aisha Modu Bamba
  36. Hafsat Haruna
  37. Rabi Alh. Nasiru
  38. Hadiza Moh’D
  39. Fatima Aji Hassan
  40. Falmata Wakil
  41. Aisha Wakil
  42. Falmata A. Audu
  43. Aisha Maina
  44. Aisha Mohammed
  45. Aisha Mamuda
  46. Name missing on list

47.Zainab Usman

  1. Hadiza Mohammed Taiduma
  2. Maryam Ibrahim
  3. Fatima M. Gira
  4. Hafsat Ibrahim Gira
  5. Maryam Ibrahim
  6. Zara Tijjani
  7. Amina Haruna
  8. Fatima Adamu
  9. Khadija Mai Sale
  10. Khadija Ali
  11. Habiba Musa Jakana

59 Fatima Bukar

  1. Hajara Gidado
  2. Maryam Basiru
  3. Fatima Usman
  4. Maryam Ibrahim
  5. Leah Sherubu
  6. Aisha Alh. Deri
  7. Fatima Hassan Mustapha
  8. Zainab Manu
  9. Zara Tijjani
  10. Zainab Bukar Abba
  11. Hauwa Saidu Abubakar
  12. Karima Inusa
  13. Amina A. Abubakar
  14. Yakura Sani
  15. Rabi Yahaya Tela
  16. Hajara Yahaya Tela
  17. Marya Mustapha
  18. Aisha Abdullahi
  19. Maryam Adamu Mohammed
  20. Bintu Usman
  21. Fatsuma Mohammed
  22. Salamatu Isiyaku
  23. Hauwa Lawan
  24. Aisha B. Danjuma
  25. Aisha Moh’D Jakusko
  26. Hauwa Bulama
  27. Fatima Abubakar Jambo
  28. Walida Adamu
  29. Fanna Mohammed
  30. Aisha M. Bukar
  31. Maryam Usman
  32. Aisha Abba Aji
  33. Maryam Usman
  34. Maimuna A. Hassan
  35. Zara Musa
  36. Maryam Mohammed Kaku
  37. Khadija Suleiman
  38. Habiba Nuhu Dan Inu
  39. Fatima Isiyaku Aliyu
  40. Sahura Jibir Mohammed
  41. Khadija Grema Dabuwa
  42. Zara Grema Dabuwa
  43. Zara Mohammed Lawan
  44. Fatima Mohammed
  45. Fati Modu Aisami
  46. Fatsuma Alli.

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