Man contests for 96th time after losing previous elections


A Canadian, John Turmel, is currently contesting election for mayor of Brantford, the city he lives in, making it his 96th shot at an elective position.

Speaking on how he plays his politics, the elective office seeker told The Guardian, “I do zero campaigns. I go and I sign up, I give them a press release and a press conference and then I’ll go home. And if there’s a debate, I’ll show up.”

Turmel has failed to win in any of the 95 elections he participated in, earning him the record of the world’s biggest loser in the polls.

The Canadian however says he has no regrets and that he would keep pushing. He first ran for an election into parliament in 1979, earning just 193 votes after knocking on uncountable doors, campaigning.

Speaking with the newspaper, Turmel said, “I have no regrets. For a guy with no resources, doing it all with my winnings from mainly illegal games, what have I got to be ashamed of?

He disclosed that his main goal at the time was to legalise gambling, after series of police crackdown on his underground operations.

Four decades down the line, he has never stopped to take his chance at elective offices, sometimes earning as much as 4,500 votes, and, on one occasion, getting just 11 votes.

“People with no money can basically create their own tokens by monetising their own time.

“I realised that I’m going to have to take advantage of every opportunity to explain how we could save ourselves from poverty, which is created by not enough money.

“We’ve got lots of wealth, lots of food, lots of clothes, we’ve just got not enough money to buy it,” he was quoted as saying.

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