Michael Jackson couldn’t sleep without ‘milk’, wore condoms every night to stop bed-wetting – Doctor reveals


Conrad Murray, personal physician to the late music legend, Michael Jackson, has stated that the late pop singer wore condoms every night to prevent him from wetting the bed.

The medic responsible for the death of the Pop King with a fatal injection of Propofol said that he would hold the singer’s penis every night and put the condoms on for him.

Murray, after being freed from jail for serving half of his four-year prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter, said this in an interview with Daily Mail.

According to him, “You want to know how close Michael and I were? I held his penis every night.

“I had to put a condom catheter on him because Michael dripped urine.

“He had a loss of sensation and was incontinent. Michael didn’t know how to put a condom on, so I had to do it for him.”

The former cardiologist disclosed that “Jackson was a “drug addict” who called Propofol his “milk” and would beg me to inject him so he could sleep”.

He continued, “The singer took medicine to shrink his prostate to help him urinate more easily, but still suffered with incontinence.

“He wore dark trousers all the time because after he went to the toilet he would drip for hours.”

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