Nnamdi Kanu speaks on Jubril, Atiku, PDP, others in latest broadcast [Full text]


Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, on Sunday night staged a live radio broadcast from London where he said the following. This transcript was made available to newsmen by the IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful.

The address tonight is an usual one because most people in Africa especially those unfortunate enough to find themselves in the damnable Zoological Republic are gifted with natural stupidity and unless you school them like kindergarten babies, their brain will never assimilate anything you teach them.



Tonight we shall tone down the grammar and use as basic a language that even a two year old child can understand. Before I go into why we must sit-at-home next week, I must first of all clear the debris and any lingering doubt about my assertions about Jubril and Atiku.

Whoever advised PDP hierarchy to launch the orchestrated campaign of calumny against me and my family has done them a disservice because we are IPOB, we don’t lose media wars no matter how long it takes. PDP e-rats will be decimated tonight and fed to the dogs where they belong. Sometimes my respect for certain individuals is what has compelled me to sheath my sword but since these trolls sowed the wind, tonight they will reap the whirlwind. If you are looking for who to blame for what becomes of PDP after tonight, blame those that have been deceiving and lying to themselves. Men who are devoid of any honour.

Let me make it very clear that my reference to Atiku being born a Camerounian has nothing to do with his suitability to contest the office of the presidency of Nigeria because that is the business of Nigerians, I am a Biafran. I was merely referencing the 1961 referendum that brought his part of Adamawa into Nigeria as a valid example that referendum is not an alien concept in Nigeria.

Before we proceed any further tonight…….I want those of you with Internet acmes to please go to Google and search for 1961 Referendum Nigeria.

The following are the results you will get:

1961 British Cameroons referendum – Wikipedia

A referendum was held in British Cameroons on 11 February 1961 to determine whether the territory should join neighbouring Cameroon or Nigeria. The option …

Southern Cameroons was the southern part of the British Mandate territory of British Cameroons in West Africa. Since 1961 it has been part of the Republic of Cameroon, where it makes up … In the plebiscite, Northern Cameroons voted for union with Nigeria, and Southern Cameroons for union with (the formerly French) …

‎League of Nations Mandate · ‎Trust territory· ‎Independence movement

1959 Northern Cameroons referendum – Wikipedia

A referendum on becoming part of Nigeria was held in Northern Cameroons in November 1959 … voting to postpone the decision. A second referendum was held in 1961, with 60% voting to join Nigeria and 40% voting to join Cameroon.

When was Atiku born? 1946 (Please go back to Google and search for “Where is the birthplace of Atiku Abubakar?” You will come up with Jada

Where was he born? Adamawa Northern Cameroun

At the time of his birth was which nationality was he? British Cameroun

When did Atiku become a Nigerian? 1961 after the referendum that allowed his part of Adamawa to become part of Nigeria.

What did the constitution of Nigeria say about eligibility to run for office of the president? You must be born a Nigerian.

Truthfully speaking, was Atiku born a Nigerian? No. He became a Nigerian by virtue of a referendum in 1961.

NIGERIA is that great Zoo where nobody obeys the law or what the constitution says. Myself, Dasuki, El Zakzaky, Onnoghen and many others are victims of a savage country and her disregard for the rule of law.

Please somebody show them the following information on our platforms…..


People are in the habit of always asking me, why are you doing this with Jubril and Atiku and I my answer is always the same. I want the truth to set ignorant Nigerians free.

Coming to the issue of Jubril. Some people have wondered why I didn’t organise a live TV expose in Israel as planned. I want to tell you its because of the astronomical costs involved-$86,000 to be precise and I want the world to also know that intended beneficiaries of the demise of Jubril wanted to take advantage of the fact that IPOB was doing all the work for them. They simply wanted to waltz into office without sweating for it. That was why I terminated it. Moreover all the scientific evidence I placed before the Zoo population did not move them, so I realised I was dealing with people that lacked conscience and consciousness.

There was a conspiracy or should I gang up against my expose on Jubril. Like they did with Anambra elections, anything coming from IPOB must be suppressed by an alliance of one Nigerianists. Anything coming from IPOB that will collapse the Zoo they fight it. Those that control the levers of power in the Zoo understand that the fall of Jubril will lead to the end of the Zoo as we know it, so they used compromised media in Nigeria as always to try and rubbish it but let me see if they can overcome this proof.

I will destroy what is left of Jubril on Thursday in a live presentation.


Now let us consider those asking us to vote. We will remember when Restructuring was the rage. Even Kadira Ahmed came to my house to interview me for a special edition of The Core program for Channels TV. This was before the combined Nigerian Army and Air Force came to my house to kill and bomb my village at the behest of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Igbo Governors and other political errand boys in Lagos and Abuja.

When I say how they are they say I don’t respect them but I want the world to know tonight that our decision to boycott the elections predates the emergence of Atiku and Obi. Nigeria to my knowledge is the only geographical expression I know where supposed human beings have steadfastly refused to reason. At the height of the restructuring debate, elder statesmen gathered from far and wide to endorse IPOB’s stance that if nothing substantial happens on the restructuring from that they were going to boycott this same elections.

Here are some of the ways ZOO newspapers carried it:

At this point I would like every listener and those of you here with any internet accessible device to please Google search “NO RESTRUCTURING NO ELECTION”

The question we must all ask is this, if Anambra boycott was not effective, why did they initially opt for boycott of 2019 polls.


There are those born outside our sacred land in the backstreets os squalid towns like Lagos, Kanon and heaven knows where else. They were raised in gnorance and brought up in stupidity, oblivious to our way of life. They are the e-rats saying I am working for APC because I merely reiterated what I had been saying since 2014 that Biafrans will boycott the elections. Our boycott started as far back as when Atiku was still an APC member campaigning for the election of the dead Buhari. Where were these people in 2014 when we started our boycott of Nigeria elections campaign or have they forgotten?

I was instrumental in the election of Peter Obi as the governor of Anambra State. I used Radio Biafra to campaign for Willie Obiano against Nigige because we felt APGA represented the interest of the people. Today Obiano is a monumental disappointment and using that supposedly hallowed platform to campaign for Jubril Al-Sudani. My stand on election boycott predates most of these newly recruited PDP e-rats but sadly Nigerian newspapers would not correct. It is a mark of consistency that we are still carrying on with the implementation of something we started in 2014. Look at the so-called no restructuring no vote group, where are they today?



When I said Buhari was dead and replaced by a double, an imposter, Jubril al-Sudani from Sudan. Lai Mohammed and APC machinery said Nnamdi Kanu has been bought over by PDP, he is working for the opposition and has been paid millions of dollars to disparage and smear the name of Mohammadu Buhari and ridicule Nigeria in the eyes of international countries.

Now that I have said the simple verifiable truth that Atiku Abubakar is a cameroonian by birth but became a Nigerian by Choice(Referendum). PDP are up in arms saying Nnamdi Kanu signed a pact with the APC led Federal Government and is working for APC to deplete the votes of South East whilst he’s far away in London.

These PDP e-rats and their Alimajiri APC counterparts remind me of the stupefying ignorance of Jihadists all over the world. When you catch them perpetrating their usual atrocity they tell you its Israel and the West sponsoring terror attacks against their own citizens. They never confront the truth starring them in the face. How twisted, perverted and ignorant they are. Every political party in the Zoo are all Fulani owned. Fulani conquered Hausa and Hausa helped them to conquer parts of Yorubaland as such. We IPOB don’t have any business in Zoo presidential elections.

It was this same Atiku they are dying for today that joined the same late Buhari they want IPOB to vote out to chase Jonathan out of Aso Rock. How many times will a Fulani rule Nigeria? How many times will people allow Fulani only presidential candidates? What type of god created these PDP e-rats? I asked a question on my page which nobody has been able to answer to date. What do you think other Nigerians will say, especially Yoruba, if Apapa Wharf and Tin Can Island were shut down and every maritime trade moved to Calabar and Igweocha?

Do you think Fulani caliphate will allow another ethnic group to rule Nigeria the same number of years as themselves?

What did these e-rats do when IPOB was labelled a terrorist group or you have all forgotten?

Our boycott started since 2014 when Atiku joined Buhari in APC to humiliate Jonathan out of office. If this wretched band of e-rats weren’t able to remove certificateless dead Buhari, what can they do to IPOB. We shall teach them a lesson they will never forget. They came to fight IPOB because I spoke the truth. If they invest all the money they stole while in government in a media war against IPOB, they will end up losing it. If the might of the Nigerian state and international media conspiracy could not defeat IPOB, how much less this band of self loathing reprobates.

They may have learnt the use of multiple fake accounts from expelled saboteurs but they are still new to this game.


Sometimes one is left to wonder the type of education or knowledge people acquire in Nigeria. Even though education is a program, but common sense is enough to bring this matter to rest. Party politics under the present constitutional arrangement in Nigeria, Igbo, Ijaw or Yoruba presidency is not the solution. A complete and total overhaul of the stinking system is what is required. Understanding the word ‘Slave’ and what it connotes will help us appreciate the mess we are in. Aguiyi Ironsi was the military head of state, he was Igbo but that didn’t stop the massacre of millions of Igbo people in the north. Jonathan was a president for 6 years, Obasanjo was for over 8 years in the whole run, what happened?

What will make any sane person think that political party will solve your problem in a despotic and totalitarian system such as you have in Nigeria? Do people know what democracy is all about? The government of the people by the people and for the people anchored on the supremacy of the rule of law. Buhari before he died and now Jubril cannot even obey the law. Nigerians don’t even know what law is. If they did, why would they not know that their own constitution under which the current elections are being conducted made it explicitly clear that unless you are born in Nigeria you cannot stand for the office of the presidency. Where as Atiku born? Then why is he contesting?

The same issue applies to Jubril who is standing in for the late Buhari. Where is his WAEC certificate? This is why I call Nigeria a Zoo. People are not interested in the finer details of the law. That is why Onnoghen is suffering today. When they came after me nobody complained. They went after Dasuki the judiciary was quiet. They finally went after El-Zakzaky. Today they are going after judges because the system is rotten.

Ekwueme was vice president, what happened?

Ekwueme founded PDP and was kicked out by this same Atiku. If the combined might of Azikiwe, Nwafor Orizu, Aguiyi Ironsi, Ekwueme and Goodluck Jonathan did not change anything, what on earth can Peter Obi do as Vice President.

We must learn to reason like human beings. Democracy is the government of the people, and when you are not comfortable or that the system has been hijacked or compromised, the populace or the victims of that system, in this case the citizens, will go on civil protest to demand for their right. Democracy demands that the public or the populace protest to demand for their freedom when they feel insecure and abandoned by the government.

It has been going on in France for months, it is observable in the United Kingdom.

I asked you to join this civil disobedience to demand for your right and those claiming to be learned are clamouring for presidency based on ethnicity. Get 10,000 Igbo vice presidents in that second highest seat in Aso Rock and we will all remain slaves to the powers of Fulani caliphate.

Mark my words:

I don’t argue with sentiments, I tell you things with facts….

Igbo presidency, Hausa presidency, Yoruba presidency from the mouth of supposed knowledgeable people in a democratic system of government is a disgrace. This is not democracy. You know hunger has turned lions into beggars. They have achieved their utmost goal which is to subdue us with hunger. We are now perpetually thankful whenever they allow us access under their table to pick the crumbs of bread falling off their dinning table. A Yoruba man in a billion years will never support the emergence of an Igbo man as president of Nigeria. Yoruba people and their Fulani masters are co-beneficiaries of the warped corrupt system they run in Nigeria.


When I told the world that Nwodo and his Ohaneze were goners, some of you did not understand. This was the same Jubril that Nnia Nwodo went to and pleaded with to kill me has now turned against him. The same Obiano he insulted me at the floor of Anambra State House of Assembly because of, has also turned against him. The shame and disgrace going on in Ohaneze Ndigbo today was what Nwodo boasted to people IPOB will experience as a result of their Python Dance. In the Vanguard publication below, it very clear for all to see the impotency of Ohaneze.

Nnia Nwodo and spineless Igbo cowards were busy boasting about how they will divide IPOB with the help of 4 traitors who were later expelled from our ranks who are now confined to the shadowy world of fake Facebook accounts. Ohaneze has ended being the people that are divided. IPOB is one family, indivisible and indestructible because God himself determined that I should come to set our people free. IPOB is a divine project. Anybody foolish enough to work against me or IPOB will fall.

Today, the same Jubril Nnia Nwodo, Umahi, Ikpeazu and Obtain ran to for help in to kill me has rendered Ohaneze assunder. These are men devoid of honour. They can’t say something and stick to it. We IPOB as patriotic Biafrans are surrounded by enemies but we shall defeat all of them. They are now going through our towns and villages recruiting President General of our Town Unions. Those engineering this nonsense must stop.


Let me conclude by reminding everyone that Fulani people have come to conquer you. The guise of fighting corruption did not start today. Uthman Dan Fodio used the same tactic and did the late Muhammadu Buhari. Everybody must read this piece because nobody is more corrupt that Fulani people. How they managed to deceive and subdue everyone is a miracle but thankfully IPOB is wiser than them.

*Dubious Anti-Corruption War: Like Usuman Dan Fadio, Like Muhammadu Buhari*

In his journal of 1854, the venerable Samuel Crowther, a freed Negroid slave who participated in the British exploration of River Niger, chronicled how the Fulani terrorised, enslaved, and depopulated some indigenous Negroid communities in Northern Nigeria.

The strategy of conquest was and is still the same today. According to Crowther, the Fulani invariably enter a community “by treachery and pretence, professing friendship” but when a sufficient number of them had got in, they will “commence seizing the inhabitants and scarcely gave them time to make resistance.”

And so it came to pass that when the Fulani migrated to Western Sudan (Hausa land) from Futa Jallon area in present day Guinea in the 15th century, the Hausas and other indigenous tribes allowed them to integrate into their various communities. And once the Fulani had gathered sufficient number of their kith and kin, their leader, Shehu Usuman Dan Fadio, started to accuse the Hausa kings of being corrupt, of enriching themselves, of overtaxing the people, forcing them into military service, and generally running tyrannical governments.

Consequently, Usuman Dan Fodio, who presented himself as a pious man, a man of outstanding piety, a vicar of Allah on earth, pledged through his revolutionary preaching, that once he mounted the saddle, only holy men, irrespective of tribes and tongues, will be allowed to steer the affairs of state in order to build paradise in Hausa land.

Well, as it turned out, the Hausas and other indigenous Negroes in the present day Northwest, ever so naive, joined the rampaging Fulani jihadists to maim and murder the Hausa kings and their supporters and chased them away from their palaces. But instead of selecting “holy men” including the Hausas to run the new government after the jihad, Shehu Usuman Dan Fodio imposed Fulani warriors as Emirs and they took over all the palaces of Hausa kings and thereafter instituted the most wicked government in human history as they began raiding, killing and selling indigenous Negroes as slaves to their Arab cousins and Europeans. As we write, the Fulani oligarchy and a handful of their Negroid collaborators have turned millions of indigenous Negroes in the Northwest into beggars and “almajiris”.

Indeed, in his Report for 1902, Lord Lugard informed the British Government that: “the system of Fulani rule was a feudal one, in which the right to all land was vested in the Emir.” The Fulani also imposed arbitrary and obnoxious double taxation on those they regarded as “conquered pagans.”

“They raid for nothing, raped women, and if a town demurred to such treatment, it was reported to the Emir as rebellious and raided”. In view of the above, Lord Lugard stated: “The misrule of the Fulani had rendered them hateful to the bulk of the population, who would welcome their overthrow and I can myself see no injustice in the transfer of the suzerainty thus acquired to the British Government by the same right of conquest.”

Now, 215 years after the first jihad, Muhammadu Buhari, who sees himself as the 21st century reincarnation of Shehu Usuman Dan Fodio, is adopting the same tactics of accusing indigenous Negroes of being corrupt while simultaneously placing his Fulani racial group (the holy men and women) into choice political offices to be amassing wealth to the disadvantage of other tribes.

It is instructive to recall that in 2001, Buhari vowed at a seminar in Kaduna thus: “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria. God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country.”

Incidentally, for Buhari to implement Sharia laws in all parts of Nigeria, the Fulani must first and foremost take over such communities and also control the state instruments of coercion with which to intimidate, humiliate, and conquer other ethnic groups in Nigeria as we have seen under Buhari. This perhaps explains the onslaught on communities in the Middle Belt especially in Benue state where the Fulani herdsmen have displaced thousands of indigenous Negroes who now live in Refugee Camps. Over time, if the International Community remains aloof to the plight of Middle Belt people in Nigeria, the Fulani will begin to install Emirs in such towns with the ultimate objective of establishing Sharia laws in such areas in fulfilment of Buhari’s 2001 averment.

Yet, even though, Buhari’s invidious agenda is glaring for the blind to see, the gullible Negroid multitude, like their forefathers who were conquered by the Fulani during the first jihad, are still rejoicing that the Sharia crusader, Muhammadu Buhari, like his great grandfather, Shehu Usuman Dan Fadio, posing as a man of piety who Allah has ordained to superintend over their affairs, is their present day redeemer!!

But we must warn that the Fulani military wing masquerading as herdsmen are currently lying low waiting patiently for millions of naive Negroes to troop to the poll to re-elect Buhari as President. And once that happens, the Fulani militia in furtherance of the second jihad will not only intensify the occupation of Middle Belt but also invade the South while in particular Operation Python Dance and Operation Crocodile Tears will equally overran the South-East and South-South respectively in final subjugation of Ndigbo and Niger Delta people.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Negroes Ronu!!!

*Masha, a journalist, is a former Editor of Nigeria Historical Review

Once again please return to your Google search and search for Abuja Declaration 1989

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