Python Dance: Those accusing me of running away want me dead – Nnamdi Kanu


Opening up on why he absconded Nigeria and abandoned his supporters at the heat of the Operation Python Dance last year, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has pointed out that he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.

Speaking at a radio broadcast on Radio Biafra, from Jerusalem, at the weekend, he said, “Prophet Muhammed ran away and came back to conquer everywhere. Jesus did same and came out victorious.

“Nnamdi Azikiwe ran to Ghana; Nelson Mandela ran to Nigeria. Those of them saying I ran away when they came to kill me, are people who want me dead because, they know I’m their headache.”

Kanu, however, said that, “IPOB has collective consciousness. An instance is Aba. If something happens at Aba, everyone will analyse and decide if it’s good or bad,” and decide what should be done.

He condemned the alleged killing of Shi’ite protesters in Abuja and Kaduna State by security agents, saying that the action was unconscionable and that Africans, nay Nigerians were too backward to realize the implications of denying people their right to protest against injustices.

According to the IPOB leader, “The most backward continent in the world is Africa because, we are very wicked. There is no collective consciousness… That is why a scavenging illiterate like … killed over 1,000 Shiites, for protesting.

“The heart of the black man is evil. We complain of racism, but kill ourselves. Yesterday, protesters in America blocked the most powerful man in the whole world, Donald Trump and he took another road.

“But the only thing Nigerians did in Abuja (while the Shiites were being killed), is to ask people to avoid the very road, where people are massacred, instead of rendering a solution.

“Black people have problems because, we are not educated enough, discerning enough and don’t reason well. The suffering of other people, doesn’t affect Africans, that is why we suffer.

“People don’t speak against evil in Nigeria. Nobody remembers the genocide committed in Africa, that is why we are backwards. There is something wrong with Africans, is because we don’t have empathy.”

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