Why I would rather work alone than with corrupt person – Itse Sagay

Prof. Sagay

Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, PACAC, Prof. Itse Sagay SAN, declared that he prefers to work alone on a task than work with someone who is corrupt in order for the process of what he is doing not to be ridiculed.

He made this assertion at a Dialogue of Organs of Government on Reform of Justice Sector and Campaign Against corruption, jointly organised by PACAC and Federal Ministry of Justice, with the theme: ‘The imperative of cooperation of arms of government in a democratic dispensation’.

Speaking at the event which held on Tuesday, the PACAC boss stated that before someone can speak against corruption such a person must purge him or herself of the vice.

He said that paying lip service to the fight against corruption ridicules the whole exercise, but pointed out that a repentant corrupt person was welcomed to join the fight against graft.

According to Sagay, “Fighting corruption cannot be lip service. You cannot be corrupt and be talking against corruption, it ridicules the whole exercise and the spirit of that struggle.

“And so we should purge ourselves of corruption so that we can stand on firm ground to speak. Some might have been corrupt in the past but if you purge yourselves then you are welcome. It ridicules the whole process when we see people waxing lyrical on anti-corruption whereas behind them, they have huge load of assets and other things which they corruptly acquired.

“So, collaboration and cooperation is essential because we need each other in order to succeed. But I think I will rather work alone than work with a corrupt person who is not sincere and is just making a fool of the whole country whilst preaching like a pastor about corruption.”

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