Shehu Sani speaks on Buhari’s history of honesty

Shehu Sani

The lawmaker representing Kaduna Central, Senator Shehu Sani has stated that he can attest to President Muhammadu Buhari’s “history of honesty” as someone who was given birth to in the city where the president lived.

Writing on his Tweeter handle, he said, “As a man born in Kaduna where PMB lived,I can attest to his history of honesty & moral uprightness/ He also named some others who are honest Nigerians like President Buhari.

“We have good people in our country everywhere… But there are other Nigerians who are equally upright; Gowon, Adamu Ciroma,Balarabe Musa,Usman Jibrin,Yohanna Madaki, Aliyu Jamaa etc. We have good people in our country everywhere”.

Sani also shared his opinion on the Senate’s face-off with Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, tweeting that, “I’m of the view and will insist that the senate should respect the court order given in respect of the suspended Senator, to set a standard for respect for rule of Law;

“And to challenge the executives & all security agencies to also respect all court orders pending before them.

“Disobeying court orders is resistance to the rule of law. We desecrate democracy each time we defy the courts.Every step away from the law is a step towards tyranny.

“The tower of justice stands on the rock of the rule of law. Liberty is guaranteed when the constitution is respected”.

On the scourge of corruption in Nigeria, the lawmaker said, “the corruption that both sinners and saints in politics don’t want to talk about is the money paid to party delegates to influence their choice.

“And that is where potential good leaders with great ideas and empty pockets are slaughtered.”

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