How could I have slapped anybody at my age, level – Senator reacts to allegation


The Deputy Minority Whip of the Senate, Senator Biodun Olujimi, on Monday evening denied asking her aide to slap a National Assembly staff.

The lawmaker’s aide and the Provost of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, PASAN, Mr. Kingsley Oti, on Monday engaged in a fight over the right to use an elevator in the National Assembly Complex.

Rumours have it that the senator ordered her aide to slap Oti for riding in the same lift with her.
There are four pairs of elevators in the four-storey building, with one of each of the pairs dedicated to lawmakers. The one in question is for staffers.

According to reports, Oti admitted that he engaged the senator’s security aide in a fight when he slapped him. He explained that he had waited for the elevator along with some others on the ground floor.

The National Assembly staff said he joined the elevator together with a male and a female colleague but he was challenged by one of Olujimi’s aides.

His words, “He asked me, ‘Who are you?’ And I also asked him, ‘Who are you?’ They were two and the other one slapped me. Of course, I had to return the slap and there was a fight between me and the guy. It was after the fight that the woman – the senator – now held me and pulled my shirt. Look at it (four buttons missing), I had to use pins to hold my shirt. I don’t know what her intention was. That was all.

“The guy was the one who slapped me because I responded to his question with his question; she was the one who tore my shirt. She was like, ‘You’re the one fighting my aides. I said, ‘Madam, your people prevented me. I am the provost of our association. After she tore my shirt, there was a crowd but people advised me to let the matter go.”

In her own account, Olujimi denied giving orders to her aide to assault Oti. “Could I have done that? Is it possible, how can I ask anybody to slap? The boy came, and they brought him and I told him he should go because he knew that he didn’t do well.

“It wasn’t my business, it was the business of the security man. Yes I was in the staff lift. But what says we can’t go in staff lift. When I see people standing outside in distinguished senators lift, I also tell them to come in because I believe that is the way it should be.

“How could I have slapped anybody at my age, and level. That is not possible,” the lawmaker said.

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