Tanker ladden with diesel explodes in Lagos


There was pandemonium at Ijegun in Navy Town, Ojo area of Lagos State when a loud bang rented the air on Wednesday as a tanker laden with 33, 000 litres of diesel went up in flames.

The development, which occurred around mid day, threw residents of the area into confusion and panic as many of them scampered to save their lives.

Residents at the scene, who said they got to know of the incident by the deafening explosion, raised concerns over the citing of tank farms near the Navy Town Ojo armament depot.

Director of the Lagos State Fire Service, Razak Fadipe told newsmen that the fire was very serious and that more fire trucks have been deployed to extinguish the inferno.

“The fire is serious but we are gaining upper hand,” he said.

Meanwhile, other emergency officials have joined efforts to quell the impact of the raging fire and ultimately quench it.

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