WAEC reveals how students can perform better

The West African Examinations Council, WAEC, on Thursday disclosed that teaching to stimulate the thinking, rather than merely recalling will help students do well.

WAEC’s Head, Public Affairs, Mr Damianus Ojijeogu, disclosed this to NAN in Lagos against the backdrop of lessons learnt from the just-concluded 36th Annual Conference of the Association for Educational Assessment in Africa, AEAA.
He said, “One of the major issues discussed was seeking ways of encouraging thinking and creativity among students in the course of teaching and learning.
“It is discovered that it is time to wake up to this call by seeking another dimension to profitable learning other than just teaching students to recall.
“This new method that will inspire creativity and thinking in the process of teaching and learning could well be the much desired quest to accelerate technological advancement among nations.”
Ojijeogu harped on the need for Nigerians to look beyond the craze for certification by encouraging creativity among students as well as vocational education.
According to him, “Acquiring skills is the way to go now. This could be done side by side in the course of going through formal education.
“A keynote speaker at the conference also emphasised that for the 21st century knowledge, skills and expertise are key.
“It could be the panacea for job creation and empowerment among our young people, and therefore our country will be better for it.
“As critical stakeholders in the education sector, we are going to discuss and share our experience from the conference with the Federal Government and see how this could be imbibed in our system of education,” the WAEC spokesman added.

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