What I hate about Christians – Ogboni generalissimo

National Christian Centre Abuja used as illustration for the story

In-coming Aare Ogboni (generalissimo of Ogboni Ekiti) of Ekiti State, Chief Emmanuel Ayodele Famodimu has revealed that his grouse with Christians is that they place more emphasis on Jesus Christ than God Almighty, wondering if Christians do not think that the Supreme would be angry with them over the more attention they accord Jesus Christ.

He made this known to newsmen on Tuesday while being received by top members of the Ogboni confraternity at the Imesi Ile, in Osun State, origin of Oke-lmesi town in Ekiti, as part of the traditional preparations for his installation as the Aare Ogboni, generalissimo of Ogboni cult in Ekiti.

Famodimu said, “My grouse with Christians is that they have placed Jesus Christ above the Almighty God. They are always giving honour and glory to Jesus Christ and leave, downplay the Almighty father, do you not think that the Almighty father would be angry with that? Jesus Christ was born of a woman, just as all of us were born of women, although, some are super beings. But the Almighty God has created all things, including all humans.”

Asked why he still retains his baptismal name, Emmanuel, despite being a known traditionalist, Famudimu said he does not discriminate on religion, adding that the Almighty God is supreme over all beings and situations: “I was born into the family of traditional worshippers but while growing up, I had a stint in Christianity and was baptized and with that I got the name, Emmanuel.

“But when I came of age, I realized that I would be trading off my heritage as a traditionalist so I returned to my roots. But this has not stopped me from supporting Christianity, my child was last Sunday ordained as a servant of God in the church. So, I do not oppose Christianity.

Speaking on the tragedy that recently befell Oba Gbadebo Ogunsakin, who was stabbed to death by one of his subjects, the  in-coming Ekiti Ogboni generalissimo, assured Ekiti monarchs that he would use his office to protect them from evil plans by their enemies.

“Everyone has his own faith, some are Muslim, others are Christian, while others still hold into the tradition of their forefathers, but my advise for all is that we should always rely on the Almighty God, only He can set things straight for us.

“In my own tenure as the Aare Ogboni of Ekiti, I will ensure that the monarchs are protected against onslaught by their enemies so we won’t have the kind of tragedy that befell the deceased monarch of Odo-Oro. I will work closely with all monarchs in Ekiti to ensure that they are protected and no evil come close to them.”

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