Xenophobia: South African mob burns another Nigerian alive


A Nigerian upholsterer in South Africa, Clement Nwaogu has been burnt to death in Rustenburg, North West Province of South Africa after his vehicle was set ablaze by a mob in the country. Nwaogu was married to a South African and has two children; aged three and five years.

Publicity Secretary of the Nigeria Union in South Africa, Habib Miller, made this known to the News Agency of Nigeria. The victim, a native of Njikoka in Anambra State, was murdered in cold blood over his accent and habit, which the mobsters supposedly found offensive.

“The mob descended on him like a common criminal with all sorts of dangerous weapons in the presence of South African police officers.

“Eyewitnesses say the victim beckoned for help from the police to intervene and help him, but they turned a blind eye.

“When Nwaogu could no longer persevere, he ran for safety; the mob chased and caught him, poured petrol on him and set him ablaze,” Miller said, adding that the mob then left Nwaogu when they thought he had died.

The spokesman said that shortly after the mob left their victim that some passersby called emergency personnel, who later took the victim’s charred body to the hospital.

“The eyewitnesses feeling that the victim was still alive called for help; unfortunately, Nwaogu could not survive the ordeal and died at Job Shimankane Hospital in Rustenburg,” he said.

Meanwhile, the South African Police authorities have also confirmed the attack, saying there were two separate incidents where two vehicles were burnt by unknown suspects.

They noted in a statement that in one of the incidents, a man sustained serious injuries after being set ablaze but later died in hospital.

In another development, Miller disclosed that 14 Nigerians, who protested the killing of a fellow citizen in that country’s North West Province in February, are still in detention.

He said the police officers murdered the Nigerian in cold blood on December 17 after failing to extort money from the victim.

Miller said that the police officers had since been released on bail while those who protested the killing were still languishing in detention.

According to him, “Our legal team is doing everything possible to facilitate the release of the protesters.

“We are worried that nothing has been done by the Nigerian government to stop the killings.

“We once again call on the Nigerian mission in South Africa to do the needful urgently because things are getting out of hand.

“The union with its legal desk will follow up the matter with the appropriate institutions until justice prevails,” he added.

The killing of the Nigerian comes less than 10 days after another Nigerian, ThankGod Okoro, was murdered in Florida West Rand in Johannesburg.

Thirty-year-old Okoro, a native of Ogbaku in Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu, was shot dead at Hamburg, Florida West Rand, Johannesburg on April 9.

Records show that no fewer than 117 Nigerians have been killed in South Africa since February 2016.

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