Zimbabwean anti-corruption agancy arrests Vice-Chancellor over Grace Mugabe’s doctorate


The Vice-Chancellor of Zimbabwe’s oldest university has been arrested over the suspected fraudulent awarding of a doctoral degree to former first lady, Mrs. Grace Mugabe, when ousted president, Robert Mugabe was the university chancellor.

The VC of the University of Zimbabwe, Levi Nyagura, was arrested on Friday by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission following an investigation into the PhD.

Grace, whose husband resigned in November under pressure from the military, received a doctorate in 2014 amid allegations that she just spent months of study whereas doctorates typically require several years of full-time research and writing.

Anti-Corruption Commission spokeswoman, Phyllis Chikundura, said the university should provide the “paper trail” showing Grace Mugabe’s registration and academic progression but Sociology department lecturers said they have no records of Mugabe’s work.

A copy of the 226-page doctoral thesis, entitled “The Changing Social Structure and Functions of the Family” was only published last month following public calls for the 52-year-old to be stripped of her PhD.

Newsworth recalls that the apparent desire of the former first lady to succeed her 93-year-old husband prompted a military takeover that saw Robert Mugabe ousted from power last November.


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